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Poetry that's good for a change
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I got sick of seeing communities claiming to be for good poetry, so I made this. I already have two LJ accounts, one my normal journal and the other for my own writing, and I figured regular whining about poetry wasn't quite appropriate on either. So for that reason, I made this. If you don't like what I have to say, just bugger off and be happy in your own world. If, on the other hand, you happen to agree with me, then go ahead and join and post! I'm not expecting many people to find this, but look at how little I care. This is my place to rant about poetry whenever I feel like it and to hopefully meet up with likeminded people.

I'm a poetry snob, an elitist, and I like it. My name is axver. William Wordsworth was a genius and E. E. Cummings should be shot for that l(a rubbish. That drivel doesn't count as poetry. At least invent some new literary genre so that poets such as Wordsworth aren't lumped in the same category as dropkicks like Cummings. Feel free to recommend good poets to me. I know precious little of them.

Thank you.