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Here's an update. Allow me to tell you what to think.

You know what? I've realised something. If I were to go through the dictionary, choose random words, and put them together in a random order, I've got a better chance of creating quality poetry than if I were to pick up a book of modern poetry. Some of the drivel that spews forth from some so-called poets is unbelievably bad and it's only getting worse. These people are nuts and they have problems. If you're going to claim to be a poet, is it too much to ask that you actually write poetry? If you're going to write that modern crap, don't call yourself a poet because, guess what, YOU'RE NOT ONE. I really wish someone would hurry up and invent a new genre or classification for this crap so that it at least has some decency and doesn't look appallingly bad when compared to Wordsworth. If it actually fit within the definition of something and had a proper standard, then I could appreciate it for what it is, but right now, all I can say is that it's an abomination.

I've said that to write, you need to make the rules follow you and be unique. This is true. However, some twits - and this applies to anything - think that this is a reason to break the rules. It's NOT. It's the total opposite. If you're breaking the rules, you're being disrespectful and showing your lack of talent, but sadly, that's what most modern 'poets' are doing with their inability to even break lines correctly. Poetry is NOT about creating shapes with your words. If you want to do something like that, invent a new form of art or claim it as visual art, NOT poetry. It's common sense. Think, people, THINK. It's not that hard.

Really, writing poetry worth a second of my time isn't hard either. At least it isn't after you practice. If you get to the point of publishing, I should at least be able to say "this person knows what poetry is," but in today's poetry world, it seems talent is in such abysmally short supply that I can't say that about the vast majority of what's printed.

The way it's going, I could become a world-famous 'multi-talented' artist by doing the stupidest things. I can just write related words down on paper in fancy shapes, vomit on a canvas, play a guitar loud with only a couple of chords and get someone with a mixing desk to modify my voice, then walk on TV in tight shorts, say a few poorly-written lines, and walk off. There you go, you now have Axver the poet, artist, rock star, and actor.

What's sad is I actually have a valid point.
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